SpaceSwap is a one-stop station for all major Defi Services.

About DeFI

With the advent of Uniswap, it has become one of the most important components of the entire DeFi industry, as it allows users to exchange tokens without trust, which means that all transactions are performed from smart contracts without the need for an intermediary or a trusted party.

SpaceSwap is a one-stop station for all major Defi Services.

SpaceSwap becomes a host in a decentralized system to keep its users safe. The project’s developers have striven to place maximum transparency and control over the services in the hands of the community and it all starts with the website. Its availability will be ensured by network participants, which guarantees round-the-clock availability and absolute protection against server failures.

Game-changing protocol to come!

SpaceSwap is expected to radically change the landscape of the DeFi market. The protocol has prepared revolutionary initiatives for liquidity providers and opportunities for DeFi services. SpaceSwap will be an improved version of Uniswap. The coins native to the protocol are: MILK (governance coin) and SHAKE (stablecoin) and will be a gold mine for liquidity providers.

SpaceSwap includes several options for profit-making:

Minutes to launch

The launch of the SpaceSwap protocol is set for 10th September. In just a few days, we will be able to witness a revolution in the DeFi market. Let’s see how good SpaceSwap is with their innovative InterPlanetary File System hosting.

The SpaceSwap 2.0

The countdown to MILK2 started from Current Block #10926321. You can track the generation of blocks on Etherscan with its live streaming countdown timer:

SpaceSwap 2.0 version improvements

As we mentioned previously, the SpaceSwap team prepared a lot of innovations for the new version of the platform.


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