Revolutions rise when we see problems that cannot be solved with the systems currently in place. With the Samecoin Ecosystem, we’re…


In recent years global finance has experienced tremendous progress. One of the most recent and significant advances in the world of technology is Cryptocurrency. Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is a fast-growing sector of the cryptocurrency industry. Many investors are frustrated in crypto when they aren’t able to…


For this task, we are going to focus on the creation of a global online stage called Fairspin. It involves introducing new tokens to the stage and opening new highlights and openings.The TFS token is a cryptographic money that will be used in the stage as an…


Hello friends! In the next section about the AMEPAY project, I will introduce the benefits of the project. Beneficiaries of this project include Users, Merchants, Third-Party Affiliates.


Hello friends! Today I will introduce to you a new decentralized exchange, which is DRK DEX. DRX DEX As a new exchange to survive in the cryptocurrency trading market, it needs to have good features and different features below I will introduce those features.


Hello friends! Today I present to you a trading platform that is growing strongly in the future it will develop more than Uniswap exchange.

Comparison between Uniswap and Draken Swap

The same point

Other Point

  • With UniSwap: Users only can seamlessly swap…

Today, let’s learn about the AME Token. It is the main coin of the AMEPAY ecosystem.
In this article we will learn about 3 main parts:
- What is AMEPAY?
- Relevant information about the main token of the project that we invest in? …

About DeFI

The new…


The exploration is worthwhile, but…


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